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2020 is an unusual year, and the sudden outbreak has caused a huge blow to the global diving industry. Sudden appearance epidemic caused the scuba diving boat-related tourism that had ushered in the maiden voyage to ran aground again. We all are still looking forward to enjoying scuba diving using a scuba diving boat.

It’s spring day again, and the summer we love is coming soon. Although we still can’t see the shadow on the day when we go out to sea again, the next diving tour has been canceled one by one, so it almost turned out last year.

So we left our memories in the scuba diving boat in the Maldives last year and China this year with 40GB video and photos, after sorting out a video recording in the scuba diving boat. It also helps passengers to understand how a “scuba diving boat” looks like!

1. Commercial diving boat in the Maldives

I have dreamed of becoming an astronomer since I was a child. I would like to lie on the top deck at night to watch the stars and watch the stars twinkle in the sky. The scuba diving boat is partly realized, and the night at sea is a dream.

I went to the Sifang Line for a scuba diving boat in the Maldives. This time, it is boarding on the South Line of Kooddoo Island. It is close to the equator, and I wanted to see the Southern Cross star that hasn’t seen for a long time.

I have never categorized my videos on a scuba diving boat because having a video is enough. But it is easy for people to forget. The scattered videos of dozens of gigabytes are thrown on the hard disk, and often no longer think of it.

Anyway, I wrote down all the words about the scuba diving boat to share with you the content that contained those videos.

Scuba diving boat platform

Scuba diving boat, generally refers to a scuba diving liveaboard, as the name suggests, it is the boat platform that divers use to reach a dive site that they could not easily reach by swimming from the shore and a diving trip that takes place on a boat.

The length of the route of scuba diving boat varies from 2 days, 3 days, to 7 days, 10 days, and even 14 days. This is related to the merchants who charter the boat.

I have even heard of renting a boat for a month and connecting three stations in one place. The scuba diving boat is a miniature cruise ship with complete equipment for food, accommodation, entertainment, and underwater exploration.

Floating on the sea during the scuba diving boat, there is no turning back on board. Friends with no paddy licenses may ask about snorkeling.

If you are willing to give up scuba and pay for the extra cost of the boat, there should be no problem. Of course, taking photos on the water surface is also OK. But you feel little worry that you missed the beauty of the landscapes underwater.

Why choose the best dive boat?

Long sailing can reach places with better ecological protection and rich underwater life; many corals, shipwrecks, and animals can only be reached through the best scuba dive boat; diving is pure, because during this period of entertainment, besides diving, it is to soak on the upper deck, taking a bath away from the city, drifting on the sea, and the mood is different.

What if there is no buddy?

Recreational scuba diving was based on the reason for the buddy framework. We’ve met numerous divers around the globe, and the greater part of them as instruction travel two by two.

Booking a scuba diving boat is the same as the majority of them require double occupancy divers. Contact customer service to join the big diving family of Xtreme Road! Find a like-minded buddy.

Important tips

  • Scuba dive boat recommends going with the fixed partner to understand each other’s technology, be safe and secure.
  • If you can’t go with familiar potential friends, then at least make sure that your friends are your friends. If unpleasant happens on the boat, no one can get off the boat.
  • Proficiency in playing giants is very important, it is a life-saving skill.
  • Six months before liveaboard, it is recommended to go diving in open water and review the process operation.
  • It is very important to calculate the sailing schedule. Most destinations have the best season to go to, but there will be more or fewer deviations each year.
  • Very tired, really tired, so I usually exercise more, I only had two dives in the last two days.
  • Most rooms are small, there may be no place to open luggage.
  • When everyone finishes diving, the shower water will become smaller, and the freshwater machines on the boat will have limited processing capacity.
  • If you have seasickness, you must bring seasickness medicine, otherwise, there will be no turning back if you vomit and doubt your life.
  • A few days after the trip, fresh food (vegetables, fruits) will not be so abundant, but the fish (legal fishing boats) are very fresh!
  • I started paying attention to my diet in the previous week, and my throat hurts, but it was uncomfortable and started to keep warm half a month before departure and don’t catch a cold.

How to choose the best inflatable boat for scuba diving?

  • Choose the route that suits your own technology. Although the difficult route is attractive, it is not suitable for novices.
  • Now you can see the evaluation of the ship on various social and review platforms, the route that the captain decides, the dive guide’s familiarity with the dive site, and whether you can see more things, all determine whether the luxurious dive boat can be good.
  • The factor of the experience: choosing a dive baot with a good reputation and good service will make your itinerary very comfortable.
  • Boats going to sea: the dhoni is better than the speedboat. If the weather is big, the dhoni (traditional boat) will not be as bumpy as the speedboat; the dhoni enters the water step by step, and the speedboat rolls back into the water.
  • It is recommended to choose a boat with a GPS positioning device, in case it is scattered underwater, it is convenient for the boat to find you after ascending alone.
  • Don’t blindly believe in the advertisements made by the ship’s owner. The animals on the leaflet may not appear underwater (for example, I was looking forward to getting on the ship and waiting to see the hammerhead shark, but I didn’t see it? Later I learned that the route was actually “Central South Line” instead of “Shennan Line”).
  • If seasickness is severe, it is recommended to choose a large tonnage ship, which will be more stable when sailing and can sleep well.
  • A new ship or newly renovated ship facilities will be more comfortable, but there may be a smell of paint.
  • Pay attention to the ratio of divers and dive guides. One dive guide with four divers is safer.
  • Ways to make reservations: make arrangements with domestic clubs, charter ships with domestic agents, place reservations with foreign agents, and make arrangements directly with the boat owner.

Scuba diving boat fire precautions

Vessels are equipped with fire extinguishers and axes set in specific areas of the vessel in the event of a fire with a medical aid unit, as is an emergency of oxygen.

No administrator needs to have a fire occurrence on board as this would affect their credibility hugely. So every exertion goes into ensuring that you return in one piece.

There’s clearly a component of risk included not only when scuba diving but also additionally being out at sea for a few days. So ensure you follow the safety guidelines and instructions and you will have a pleasant time on board.

Transportation, accommodation, and International flights

Buy air tickets five months before departure (cheap) or buy air tickets one month before departure-don’t worry about plan changes.

Domestic flight: The flight is usually operated by a domestic airline company. For example, I flew from the capital Male to Kooddoo Island by Maldives Airlines.

Accommodation: If you transfer on the next day, find a hotel near the landing airport that is close, well-known, and comfortable.

List Credentials

Take your passport (remember to take a photo for backup), cash (the currency in circulation of liveaboards varies from place to place), itinerary, diving diary, diving certificate, and diving insurance (purchase before travel, recommended DAN because general diving insurance only covers a depth of 30m).

Electronic equipment

Pack your camera + diving shell + light + red film filter, noise reduction headphones (the cabin is not soundproof, and sometimes you can hear the sound of sleeping friends next door), DJI, conversion plug, computer (convenient to watch the video at any time) and charger.

Diving suit

Get the headgear, mask, computer watch, wet suit (thickness depends on destination and season), warm vest, gloves, diving shoes/socks, fins, Tintin rod, flow hook, diving flashlight, back fly/little vest, Adjuster, whistle, reel bag, thread cutter, swimsuit/bikini, towel, dry bag and baseball cap (underwater sun protection).

(I bring a towel to keep warm when I go out to sea, otherwise, I will catch a cold when the wind blows on the return journey).


You should bring clothes such as concave-shaped clothes (girls should bring long skirts), daily clothes, long sleeves for sun protection, socks, sunglasses, and flip-flops.

Toiletries: shampoo and bath (the scuba dive boat wastewater is discharged directly to the sea, please choose environmentally friendly ingredients), toothpaste and toothbrush, sunscreen, and towels.

(Please choose products that do not harm corals, it is also a good choice not to use sunscreen)


With propels in clinical medical innovation, you presently don’t need to battle with seasickness in case you’re a scuba diver. Drug organizations presently have a wide scope of seasickness medicine that is reasonable for scuba diving.

An ear infection is additionally a typical problem among scuba divers. So it’s truly essential to secure your ears. Keep them perfect, dry, and protected from the breeze when you’re not scuba diving.

We discovered this out the “distressing” way when we needed to prematurely end our last dive because of an ear infection. Fortunately, the team had ear drops nearby, which helped us deal with the pain.

2. Best commercial diving boat in China (fishing, hunting, and diving officially set sail)

Zhonghuan (Dalian) Culture Co., Ltd. has invested a lot of money to build China’s first professional scuba diving boat (liveaboard), and Jiuying Diving Club assists in providing professional scuba diving boat tour services.

From September onwards, It has officially set sail for the long-awaited first journey of the long-awaited liveaboard fishing, hunting, and diving itinerary in Dalian waters hosted by Zhonghuan (Dalian) Culture Company and co-organized by Dalian Jiuying Diving!

Dalian’s best dive boat design

The catamaran iron-hull yacht built-in 2017 will be transformed into the first professional diving boat in China in 2020, with a length of 32 meters, a width of 9.5 meters, a catamaran hull, stable and comfortable, independent accommodation and entertainment areas, separation of dynamics and statics.

It can receive 22 distinguished guests at the same time. The diving boat is equipped with one local diving guide, four crew members, and one speedboat.


“Marine science, marine hunting, self-catching of sea treasures, trawling experience, diving training, diving research, traditional sea fishing, snorkeling, corporate team building and etc.”

Two trip routes in the North and South of 39° North latitudes are selected, with good diving experience and stable sailing experience. The difficulty of the diving site is moderate and suitable for divers of all levels to participate.

As many as more than 30 selected dive sites. The perfect underwater environment for fish and marine life, as well as the visibility beyond your imagination. It will bring you a different scuba dive boat experience and meet the needs of high-quality travel.

They will lead you to experience the northern ocean scenery in China and the best choice to experience the wonderful scuba diving boat life. They will also explore more fun dive sites. The scuba dive boat route is a standard route of 3 days and 3 nights, with a total of 7-8 dives.

Each dive can divide into two groups: (A) marine hunting and (B) sea treasure self-catching according to the diver’s preferences and abilities (Warning! think before you harm any marine creature). Go to A and B for diving. Diving arrangements are planning by professional dive guides based on local real-time conditions.

Diver qualification requirements: Hold a scuba diving certificate of AOW (Advanced Open Water) and above issued by an international diving agency, and a freediving diver certificate of two stars or more. Participating in marine hunting requires a diver certificate for fishing and hunting expertise.

Suitable time: Annual

Travel days: 3 days and 3 nights

Embarkation location:

Dalian City Jetty

Boarding time:

You can board the boat after 6 pm on the day before the departure date of the diving route (no meals included that night)



Start boarding at 18:00 in the afternoon, arrange equipment, sign diving documents, and allocate rooms.


Set sail before 8 in the morning, 2-3 dives (including check dive), eat, drink and play, explore the ocean world together, and enjoy the fun of scuba dive boat.


Dive 3 times a day, eat, drink and have fun, explore the ocean world together, and enjoy the fun of scuba dive boat.


Two dives a day, set sail and return to the pier, ending a pleasant trip.


30% of the route fee paid in advance

Make up the entire route 15 days before the start of the journey

Cancellation of the scheduled route due to the guest’s reasons, the full amount can be refunded more than 15 days before the trip, the deposit for more than 10 days is non-refundable, and no refund within 10 days

In the case of irresistible reasons such as weather, the schedule can be postponed according to actual conditions.

Important Tips

  • 🐳If you need equipment rental, please inform in advance before boarding.
  • 🐳Strongly recommended bringing your own equipment. You must bring your own SMB and dive computer, otherwise, they have the right to terminate your diving activities.
  • 🐳Play item with consumer instructions, Traditional sea fishing, free snorkeling, free professional sea fishing with 4-6 people/professional fishing boat & nbsp;3000 yuan/day (about 6 hours)
  • 🐳Snorkeling is only for non-divers, and it can be up to 2 times a day depending on the weather and other conditions.
  • 🐳Professional sea fishing needs to make an appointment in advance, bring your own equipment, and the charter price is negotiable.
  • 🐳Items and prices are subject to onboard.

Cost includes

  1. Full meals during the liveaboard (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and daily coffee break, excluding dinner on the night of boarding).
  2. Accommodation during liveaboard
  3. Drinking water required per person per day.
  4. 7 to 8 dives (2 to 3 dives per day in the itinerary, the actual diving plan made according to the dive guide based on the real-time situation).
  5. The provision of diving equipment includes only 12 L gas cylinders, counterweights, and weight belts (please bring other required diving equipment, including diving computers and night diving flashlights, if you need to rent, please inform in advance).
  6. Boat fee for the liveaboard diving trip

The cost does not include

  1. Itinerary costs for guests arriving at the boarding pier
  2. Professional sea fishing tackle
  3. Ocean hunting and self-catching equipment rental fees for sea treasures (see “Equipment Rental” for equipment rental prices)
  4. Crew tip: 100 yuan/person/period (tip is an affirmation and encouragement for all our crew’s services, but also a symbol of courtesy and civilization)
  5. Equipment rental fee
  6. Self-financed items during the liveaboard
  7. Diving insurance costs

Insurance description

  1. Whether you are a diver or a non-diver, you should understand the charm and risks of diving and your physical condition. This price does not include special insurance for diving activities. Please purchase special insurance for diving activities when participating in liveaboards.
  2. Diving insurance must purchase compulsorily, please show the relevant insurance policy when boarding, otherwise, they have the right to refuse to board.

Why you should consider the scuba dive boat experience on your next vacation?

Finally, the scuba diving boat experience is one of a kind. Yeah sure, you to go to new places, show you new things, help you make some like-minded friends, and get you out of the city.

Even though diving has so many benefits, you should come back when you are really interested (don’t be forced). 

When you fall in love with the feeling of being in the water, come and explore multiple reefs, marine creatures, and shipwrecks.

Along the way, you will find that this life movement keeps you excited and happy.  Don’t just reluctantly jump into the sea, try to explore some of the world’s best dive sites. It truly makes scuba dive boat plunging an encounter like no other.


The tourism industry with the scuba diving boat (liveaboard travels) is the business dependent on adjusting the prerequisites of recreational divers at destinations other than where they live.

It incorporates parts of training, equipment offerings, rental and administration, guided experience, and the environmental tourism industry.

To encounter the underwater world best, this scuba diving boat-related tourism industry provides and daily dive trip on their agreeable and extensive platforms with a reasonable package and that’s why a scuba dive boat is a nice experience that every scuba diver should try at least once in their life.