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Scientists In Action To Save Coral Reefs

The significance of coral reefs to the earth goes far beyond providing fascinating underwater scenery. They can slow the impact of hurricanes on the coastline, bring fisheries and tourism to about 500 million people, and bring hope to developing anti-cancer and other drugs. Although the existence of coral reefs is […]

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Vaquita Porpoise Is Driven To Extinct By Mankind

Ten years ago, China’s Baiji dolphins (Lipotes vexillifer) were recognized as a “critically endangered” species, becoming the first cetacean species to be extinct. Ten years later, another cetacean species, the small Vaquita porpoise in the Gulf of California, is also about to follow the Baiji for the same reason. The […]

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North Korea May Have “dolphin Troops”

Satellite images show dolphin troops along the coast near Nampo, North Korea. According to USNI News, suspected dolphin troops or fish farms have been revealed in North Korea, proving the Naval Marine Mammal Program in satellite images along the coast near Nampo, North Korea. This article goes beyond military purposes […]

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Cetacean Survey In The South China Sea

This is based on a Xinhua Daily Telegraph and was first published in “Xinhua Daily Telegraph” Grass Weekly on August 7th, 2020.  A report highlighting the experience of the first offshore cetacean survey in the South China Sea that led them to have this survey so remarkable. How do scientists […]

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Chinese White Dolphin – Resource Protection Is Not Optimistic

Recently, researcher Prof. Li Songhai from the Institute of Deep-Sea Science and Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Sciences published a letter article titled “Humpback dolphins at risk of extinction” in the journal Science, proposing that Chinese white dolphins and other dolphins are at risk of extinction, and drawing attention […]

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