“DIVEROID” for underwater photographers

“DIVEROID” for underwater photographers

Underwater is a desirable psychedelic world. Many people like to choose snorkeling and diving to explore diverse marine resources and experience underwater wonders. In this way, people tend to buy the types of underwater equipment that can record the wonderful moments underwater, one of the advanced technologies called DIVEROID. Read on to learn more about it.

Take your DIVEROID underwater during Free diving
Free diving with DIVEROID

However, buying dive computers, compasses, and cameras separately will cause a lot of burden to people.

On the one hand, too much equipment will cause inconvenience to carry and affect the diving experience; on the other hand, the costly price cannot be said to be “Close to the people”, the cost of a trip has increased greatly because of the purchase of equipment.

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All-in-one, in the DIVEROID

DIVEROID brings people solutions. This is an all-in-one diving equipment suitable for all kinds of smartphones, equipped with a diving computer, compass, and logbook, to meet people’s various underwater needs.

computer,compass, camera and the logbook function with your phone
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DIVEROID is a diving tool that diving enthusiasts should not miss. You can use the brand new DIVEROID to enjoy smart diving.

DIVEROID has four distinctive underwater functions: camera, video recorder, dive computer, and compass. After you dive, you can easily manage the dive log most innovatively.

Best underwater case

For divers, diving computers are essential safety equipment, especially for those who dive for the first time. By measuring depth, diving time, and ascent speed to ensure the safety of diving and prevent accidents.

DIVEROID is the only existing diving equipment with an all-in-one solution, and what it can do far exceeds the functions of ordinary diving computers.

Minimal & versatile equipment for your housing or pack
DIVEROID housing

The function of DIVEROID

First of all, DIVEROID can adapt to embedded smartphones of various brands. As the function of the smartphone itself is very powerful, reasonable use of it can help people save unnecessary start, and at the same time can enjoy the fun of diving to the greatest extent.

By connecting with the dive computer on DIVEROID, people’s smartphones become all-in-one diving equipment.

The shell of DIVEROID has the function of internal adjustment, so the user can perfectly put the smartphone into the device, while fully allowing the user to use the phone through simple button operations on the device.

Turn the smartphone into anaffordable dive computer
Dive computer

The features of DIVEROID

Based on the high-definition screen of the mobile phone, DIVEROID has designed a colorful high-contrast application program interface.

It can help users to obtain all necessary diving information at a glance, such as depth, dive time, ascent time, and temperature.

Diving information records such as glance, such as depth, dive time, ascent time, and temperature.
Necessary diving information recordings

If the user reaches the deepest stop point or the ascent speed is too fast, DIVEROID will issue a security alert to notify the user at any time.

In an emergency, it’s application can also guide users to take measures to protect themselves at the current depth.

DIVEROID indicates the safety stop
Safety stop

Other functions of DIVEROID include: tilt compensation 3D compass, user real-time diving data.


DIVEROID mini Auto digital dive logbook mode
Auto digital dive logbook mode (Image source: indiegogo.com)

The colorful underwater world is what everyone who dives wants to record. And users already have a good-quality camera with good functions, that is their own smartphone! Capture the wonderful moments of various diving, and then you can share them through the link of the DIVEROID App.

Diveroid new feature- Hot shoe on top,light up your way
Light up your way underwater

Using the functions of the mobile phone itself, underwater shooting can achieve wide-angle, ultra-wide-angle, and focused shooting angles, and shoot 2K or even 4K high-definition video to meet people’s various shooting wishes!


Experienced people know that the deeper you dive, the less light you can see, and therefore the less reflected colors. This is why most underwater pictures and videos are blue or green.

DIVEROID, link your smartphone into an one dive gear
All-in-one dive gear

To solve this problem, a common practice may require placing a red lens filter on the camera. DIVEROID solves this problem through algorithms. It can realize real-time color correction and automatically restore the picture to its original color.

To ensure the safety of diving, the traditional way is to use a pencil and paper to record the diving log. With DIVEROID, people can track their entire dive at a glance without having to spend time recording.

DIVEROID Dive computer companion
DIVEROID dive computer mode

Performance and durability

The app will automatically synchronize the photos and videos that the user took during the dive for later review. At the same time, the app will also mark the dive depth of each photo for the user to record.

In order to ensure the diving experience, DIVEROID has carried out a strict water pressure tank, closed water test, and open water test procedures to ensure the best performance and durability of the product.

Dive practicing review to ensure DIVEROID durability and performance

DIVEROID also specially designed five “heat sink” drainage holes, these drainage holes can dissipate heat, so as to prevent the inside of the shell from fogging, making it impossible to see the surface of the phone screen.

DIVEROID heat sink system

DIVEROID has a built-in double O-ring structure, which can achieve a waterproof effect of 60M/200ft.

Double O-ring to achieve waterproof of DIVEROID

DIVEROID’s “free diving” mode allows users to independently choose the depth and time of the planned dive, and then simulate a reasonable dive plan. Let people have no worries when playing in the water.

Depth alarming system of the DIVEROID

If there is a special situation that requires a ship to rescue, DIVEROID can also locate it according to the mobile phone and send a signal to all surrounding ships.

convenient boat calling system for indicate your location to the surrounding vessels.

For diving beginners, DIVEROID is also a conscientious instructor who can help users with basic underwater training, so that people can adapt to the state of diving as soon as possible.


People’s curiosity about the unknown is the biggest driving force for progress, and this is exactly how DIVEROID was born.

Using the existing conditions to optimize the diving experience, it can be said that DIVEROID is a piece of excellent multi-functional diving equipment. Let’s explore the wonders of the underwater world with DIVEROID!

I understand the news from the mobile phone network. As for diving photography equipment, I don’t know if the players have any understanding.

Anyway, the price is generally high. And if you don’t get water several times a year, the equipment you buy is very uneconomical.

However, this multifunctional product of DIVEROID can just solve this problem for underwater photography enthusiasts and divers.

It’s integrated shell can provide dive computer and dive log functions (through a dedicated mobile phone app), but also allows users to enjoy the fun of underwater photography.

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