Which underwater camera is the best? Let me end your hardships of choice

Which underwater camera is the best? Let me end your hardships of choice

The day of island travel and vacation is here, it is essential to bring suitable underwater shooting equipment. But when you search for “underwater camera”, many products will pop up. How to choose? This guide will give you the answer~

If you’re a superyacht charterer or owner, it is essential that you ensure as many of your devices as possible are protected against the adverse effects of water. A waterproof camera is the perfect starting point, not just for keen divers and snorkelers, but also to ward off any unfortunate overboard mishaps.

Amateur Mobile Party & Professional Camera Party

Models with gorgeous makeup that spark the beautiful look of underwater photography
Image credit : © DeeperBlue.com / © Unsplash.com

When it comes to photography, many people’s first reaction is to take photos using their phones. What about underwater photography? The waterproof bag pouch with a mobile phone is just fine.

That’s right, but in addition to non-professional mobile phone shooting, underwater cameras are also a good choice. But what should I do if I do not choose? I don’t know which one to choose? Then you can make a decision after reading this article~

1. The easiest way: a mobile phone with a waterproof bag pouch

Advantages: mobile phone with a waterproof bag pouch can be said to be the most convenient way to shoot underwater and is cheap, usually around £ 7.

Disadvantages: Quality cannot be guaranteed. If the phone’s waterproof bag pouch accidentally breaks and leaks, you will lose a lot. Moreover, the touch screen operation is prone to malfunction due to water pressure after the mobile phone with a waterproof bag is launched.

Best waterproof dry bag pouch for smartphones and for underwater photography
Image credit : © nerdtechy.com

But it is indispensable to prepare a mobile phone waterproof bag pouch. When you want to check your mobile phone in places such as boats or swimming pools, you don’t have to worry about it getting wet due to splashes of seawater and short soaking!

2. Professional underwater camera with high performance

If you are looking for a more professional shooting effect and experience, then I must recommend to you this waterproof camera with an excellent reputation: Olympus TG-6.

Olympus TG 4 digital underwater camera
Image credit : © nad-lembeh.com


  1. Super high pixel-12 megapixels, easy to operate, 15 meters water resistance. This waterproof depth, such as snorkeling, a deep-diving experience, and underwater walks are all satisfying.
  2. Fool mode, easy to operate. TG-6 is designed with five different underwater shooting modes, and the sharpness and tone are excellent.
  3. Support real-time uploading of pictures from mobile phones shares beautiful pictures anytime and anywhere, even if the circle of friends is maxed out.


Compared with waterproof bag pouches, the purchase cost is higher.

Aesthetic look of underwater photography
Image credit : Unsplash.com

The professional shooting of underwater cameras is very attractive, but the purchase cost makes many people feel that it is not worthwhile. In the end, are you a bit unwilling to put your phone in the water with a waterproof bag pouch? Don’t worry! We can rent if we don’t want to buy it! You can rent this super professional underwater camera directly on www.dive2gether.com~

How to make a blockbuster with an underwater camera

What should I do if the performance is so good that it doesn’t look bad in the film? After all, many people are still at the novice stage of photography. Don’t be afraid, I will give you a brief summary. Hey, after reading it, I believe you will definitely upgrade to a junior underwater photographer.

1. Be sure to pay attention to light

For any underwater activities, if you want to take beautiful photos, you must pay attention to the light. Make a point, light is the first element to take pictures. Adequate light will make your photos clearer and brighter, and if there is insufficient light, it will become blurry and dim.

For snorkeling, it is recommended to play during the sunny hours in the afternoon. The sun penetration in this time period is very good, which greatly helps the snorkeling visual experience and shooting experience. When the weather is not good just after the rain, don’t rush to snorkel and take pictures.

Behind the scenes of a classic model shoot underwater in the ocean. The model poses, the photographer shoots, and the safety diver is very close to the model (but not in the image frame of the camera).
A classic model shoots underwater in the ocean. Image credit: Seda Karadeniz; Model: Chris Mo; Photographer: Thomas Preiss; Safety diver: Rico Besserdich.

2. Use the underwater mode that comes with the camera cleverly

The special underwater mode of TG-6 can well capture and restore the vividness of underwater ecological scenery, and automatically optimize the cooler tones.

Macro shooting: It is especially suitable for shooting corals. It can capture all the details of the creatures being shot at close range.

Underwater optimization mode: This mode can use for regular shooting, commonly known as foolcontrol mode. HDR underwater mode: If you like HDR tonal effects, you can also adjust to HDR underwater mode. High dynamic lighting rendering: In fact, the imaging is more realistic in 3D. Photos taken in this mode have color values ​​beyond the normal range.

In case your model wears a dive mask, transparent ones always work best to capture the eyes.
A model wears a dive mask, transparent ones always focus best to capture the eyes. Model: Chris Mo. Photo by Rico Besserdich.

But! No matter which mode it is, remember to press the shutter halfway to focus when taking pictures underwater!! It’s easy to forget this if you have too much fun. I’m here to remind you that photos taken out of focus will easily get out of focus.

Practical tips for snorkeling and taking pictures

Always work best to capture the body which concentrates the glow of the model's curves and shapes due to the penetration of sunlight.
Photo credit : © instagram.com/underwater.photo

1. Get enough sun protection to protect yourself while snorkeling!

Sunscreen is of course essential. However, the waterproof effect of sunscreen is still not as safe as physical sun protection, so snorkeling suits with sun protection effects must be available. Don’t worry about the dark diving suits affecting your “look”, there are also many beautiful styles of snorkeling suits.

Make sure to capture the naked body which focuses the glow against the penetrating sunlight.
Image credit : © instagram.com/underwater.photo

2. Keep the underwater photography stable

Hold the camera in your hand and keep it steady, otherwise, the photos you take are prone to blurring. Shooting scenes like fish and corals are closer. It is not recommended to use the zoom out to zoom in. The camera shakes and the picture will be blurred. Shoot as close to the scenery as possible.

Choose some layered scenes, such as corals and reefs as the base, with small fish swimming in the front and blue water in the background. This way the photos will be very three-dimensional and super beautiful.

Sea life captured in underwater
Image credit: © Mafengwo~

3. Pay attention to the choice of underwater shooting angle and shape

 If you want to take beautiful underwater photos, you must remember to open your eyes, open your eyes to have aura! Girls’ long hair is best to be combed, otherwise, it will be messy~

it is recommended that you shoot from bottom to top
Image credit: © Mafengwo~

When shooting people, it is recommended that you shoot from bottom to top. A slightly tilted elevation angle can ensure that the face of the person being photographed is clear. You must remember to take a little distance to shoot and you can only make funny portraits if you take a big head doll.

When you bite the breathing tube, your face is deformed. So if you can, you might as well take a breath and take off the snorkel to show off a cute or playful smile.

Can this camera only take pictures underwater? How about the effect on land?

This Olympus camera, I really want to praise it. Not only the underwater mode is excellent, but the land mode also has many options.

There are selectable modes for night scenes, sports, food, or landscape, and panoramic shooting. There is also a beauty mode for girls who love to be beautiful.

If you are shooting a person, it will automatically beautify your face after pressing the shutter. Even if you don’t wear makeup, you can take a beautiful look. It’s easy to test and use.

6 of The Best More Underwater Cameras for your choice

Leica X-U digital underwater camera
Image source: newatlas.com

Leica has always been the discerning man’s brand of choice for stylish cameras that don’t skimp on technology. However, the one thing always missing from the Leica stable was a hard-wearing action camera suitable for underwater photography – until now. 

The Leica X-U boasts a 16.5-megapixel sensor, 3-inch LCD screen, and high-resolution 1080p video shooting capability. Better yet it’s waterproof to 15 meters and has a double locking system to protect both the battery and memory card. If you’ve always wanted a Leica but have been too worried about accidentally dropping it overboard then this is the camera for you.

X-U waterproof camera, £2,400, Leica

PANASONIC LUMIX DMC-FT5 digital underwater camera
Image source: hardwarezone.com.sg

This compact digital camera is waterproof up to 13 meters, shockproof to 2 meters, and will work at temperatures as low as -10C making it ideal for the avid snorkeler or explorer. Within built GPS, wi-fi, underwater white balance, video recording, 16.1 megapixels, and a 4.6x optical zoom lens, this has everything the amateur photographer needs in one smart colorful package.

Lumix DMC-FT5, £289.95, Panasonic at John Lewis

NIKON 1 AW1 digital underwater camera
Image source: amazon.com

For those with a little more photographic nous Nikon have created the world’s first underwater camera with interchangeable lenses. Made possible via a rubber O-ring placed around the lens mount, Nikon currently offers 10mm and 11-27.5mm zoom lenses with internal focusing and optional lens hoods. The AW1 is waterproof up to 15 meters, shockproof up to 2 meters, and has the usual range of high-tech features including 12.4 megapixels, wi-fi, GPS, 1080p video recording, and HDMI connectivity.

1 AW1, £599, Nikon

FUJIFILM FINEPIX XP70 digital underwater camera
Image source: bhphotovideo.com

If you’re after a starter camera for young sailors and sea-life enthusiasts, then the FinePix XP70 promises fantastic value for money. Shockproof, soundproof, freezeproof, and waterproof (up to 10 meters), this fun little camera also packs in 16 megapixels, a wide-angle zoom lens, full HD video, and three color choices at a price that won’t break the bank should accidents happen. 

FinePix XP70, £139.99, Fujifilm

CANON POWERSHOT D30 digital underwater camera
Image source: uk.pcmag.com

Waterproof up to 25 meters, this compact and colorful digital camera packs a lot into a small space. Ideal for explorer yachts, this camera is also freezeproof to -10C and drop-proof from 2 meters making it one of the toughest on the market. With 12 megapixels, a 5x optical zoom lens, GPS, high-definition video recording, and a 3-inch screen, you won’t get much more bang for your buck.

Powershot D30, £259, Canon

OLYMPUS STYLUS TOUGH TG-850 digital underwater camera
Image source: imaging-resource.com

If you’re after an easy-to-use camera created with holidays in mind, then Olympus’ Tough TG-850 could be for you. The only underwater camera to feature a tilting 3-inch screen, it is the ideal gadget for group shots, family snaps, and self-portraits with turtles. It also boasts a wide-angle 5x zoom lens, 16 megapixels, and is waterproof, shockproof, crushproof, dustproof, and freeze proof (in case it should end up in the hands of little ones).

Stylus Tough TG-850, £269.99, Olympus

Overview :

There are selectable modes for landscape and panoramic shooting from these cameras.  There is also a beauty mode for girls who love to be gorgeous. If you are shooting a person, it will automatically beautify your face after pressing the shutter. Even if you don’t wear makeup, you can take a lovely look.

It’s easy to test and use the depth of field to create a gradual atmosphere of space and give play to it to make the theme more prominent. The visual movement focuses on the small eyes that bloom with life, which gives the fresh underwater life spirituality, better for the viewer, and shows the fantasy of the underwater world.

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